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Reverse Vacuuming

Posted by remistevens on December 15, 2016


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Avoid Switching Gears

Posted by remistevens on August 26, 2009

Whatever it is you do and are doing, its important to keep the task at hand at hand. Cooking a burger? You cook the first side fully, then do one necessary gear switch and flip the patty. Finish the second side and remove it from the heat. Only one gear switch, otherwise it comes out dry and shitty. Don’t waste time standing over a hot bbq wrecking your dinner.


Cleaning your filthy place? Clean up all the garbage first. Don’t stop to sort CDs. Don’t stop to clear the dishes. Pick up garbage! Do it til its done, then move on to something else and complete it all in one shot. This is the most efficient way to do most everything- especially menial tasks. Think about it; there is prep time, task learning time, closing time. Take vacuuming for instance, you need to get the vacuum out, you need get into vacuuming mode, you need to finally put it away. Granted prep and learning times on something simple like vacuuming are pretty short, but its still wasted time. You should only ever turn your vacuum on once per cleaning.


Its a guarantee that you will be able to do something more quickly while in the process of doing it than at the start of performing the task. It’s kinetics, that’s physics, so its right. Ever seen a person in a textiles factory do a stitch? They get so fast because they groove down into heavy repetition. When you’re moving, you’re moving. Stick to what you’re doing and you get fast, use that incremental fastness to stretch your efficiency towards achieving completion.

As long as you’re not working to the point where you have exhausted your muscles, you’ll get the best efficiency from backbreaking repetition. Its just like the gears in your car. If you need to maintain a speed of 75kph you don’t keep switching back and forth between third and fourth. You pick one and stick with it.


Do things in one shot, don’t waste time restarting the same tasks. How many times do you want to do dishes this week? I’m going to do them only once and spend far less time overall engaged in dish washing. . . .hmmmm, I wonder what level of extreme efficiency i could reach if i did them only once a month? . . . . …


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