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Quick Tip: Home Defense

Posted by remistevens on September 7, 2009

Keep an eye open for the upcoming article: “The Appearance of Security” for more information. Other options not mentioned in this presentation might include neck biting dogs and shooting people with guns.

Jim Smetchland’s Rating C+
“I suppose this is mildly useful. Nothing wrong with having enough fire extinguishers and such- not sure if that empty 80 year old extinguisher is up to code though. . . .Also not sure if I’ve got a spear around here anywhere; I generally just shoot intruders with guns.”


4 Responses to “Quick Tip: Home Defense”

  1. ponch58 said

    Hahahahah! I love it! Next time I come for a visit I’m wearing a helmet. Of course, I should probably do that anyways.

    Love the stuttered, vocal inflection.

  2. r gee said

    keeping a pot of oil around to dump on intruders is a great tip for the ‘elevated’ dweller… used to keep some around myself…. until the mice started coming back…. rodents love used cooking oil, ewww.

  3. Old bacon fat keeps me coming around.

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